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CSR Classics!

”CSR Racing with classic cars” – who wouldn’t jump at the chance to be a part of something like that! From those words to ‘CSR Classics‘ going on to be Editors’ Choice in the App Store and one of the top 5 games in over 80 countries seems like no time at all.

For me, as Designer and Product Lead on ‘CSR Classics’, having the chance to make this game was a dream come true. Was it because I got the chance to create a sister product to the mighty CSR Racing? Of course! Was it because I’d get to re-unite with the crazy-talented ex-Black Rock guys and their crew at Mad Atom? Definitely! But really, it was the fact that I’d get to make a game with my all time favourite car in it. No, not the gorgeous Shelby GT500 or the legendary Ford GT40 or even the Shelby Cobra. The car I’m referring to is of course the Mini!

CSR Classics Mini 1275 GT

I knew more about this car than any other when we started making ‘CSR Classics’ but when you find yourself walking through the car park at the Goodwood Revival and can list the make, model and year of every other car then you know something has got under your skin!

Boss Alien Goodwood Revival Ref Trip

Every now and then in game dev, if you’re really, really lucky you get to work on a game where the hard work doesn’t feel like hard work. This only happens when the people you are working with are top gun and the game is one that everyone is excited about making. ‘CSR Classics’ was one of those games and I think it shows when you play it.

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