Henry Ryder

CSR Racing- multiplayer announced!

We’ve had a busy few months here aboard the Boss Alien mothership – and today we proudly release the most recent version of CSR Racing – with the new multiplayer mode. Tier 5 players can race against opponents from across the world to gain respect, with some exclusive prize cars for our top players.

Good luck and see you on the leaderboards!…

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19 comments on “CSR Racing- multiplayer announced!

  1. Eric Giordmaina

    [Mr-Big] <—- This user is a cheat. I am a paying user, and have spent time and money on making my way to the top of the leaderboards only to find this user able to gain over 3000RP in a matter of seconds. And amazingly enough he is able to repeat the feat over and over again. I have earned my position on #1 and proof is in the 2,118 races I have won and the 7 I have lost. Im sure if you check "Mr Big"'s account he would have raced less than a quarter of that. Not to mention I have never come up against him in an actual race. Who do I need to inform to get this user investigated and/or removed?

    • Waldo

      Hi Eric. Our programmers have been monitoring the leaderboards this week and are having a look at Mr-Big. It turns out he is a paying user too, but some factors indicate he might be cheating. Before we take action though, we want to be absolutely sure.

      You can flag users for investigation here.

    • Behzad

      I normally check players profile before the race. In your profile, i saw you were at level 134, driving 170 miles, in 7 hours, and RP 890,000. Usually for every 100,000 RP you should play 14 hours intensively.

  2. i love the mulyiplayer but i am curious when im in a race is the other person racing me at the same exact time or hows it work?

    • Waldo

      Hi Kyle. Each time you play a race in multiplayer, it is recorded. Other players can then play against your recorded race at any time to try and beat you.

      • jamsterdam123

        if the race is recorded, how do you decide who wins and who loses?

        • Waldo

          You basically race against a recorded race of your opponent. You win if you set a better time.

    • Waldo

      We’ll send out a message when the season is coming to an end. That way you know how much time you have left to get to that top percentage tier. Check our Facebook and Twitter pages as we’ll definitely be updating there first.

  3. Can you race against your friends in the Multiplayer update?

    • Waldo

      Not yet, but hold on tight for new upcoming updates!

  4. Amanda Patricia dagger

    I would like to make a complaint about CSR Racing, Why oh why did you have to make this game so dam addictive. I am loving it so much that I just seem to be unable to leave it alone. Is their any other surprises in the pipeline for the game guys

  5. Brandon

    I have worked pretty damn hard on this game and have spent hundreds of dollars. Hope its worth it! xD

  6. JOMOMMA6996

    i wish you could play multiplayer in all tiers that would be awsome when you get in higher tiers it is really hard to buy cars for the next tier i had to buy money to get the next car

  7. How do i update my game without losing all my previous stuff,.i want to get multiplayer?

    • Waldo

      You can update to the latest version without having to worry about that. If you still do have issues, submit it to our support team and we’ll take care of it! https://csr.zendesk.com/

  8. Brown

    When do u plan applying multiplayer on android version? coz im waitimg for it ;)

    • Waldo

      Android multiplayer is coming soon, we’re just fleshing out all the hideous bugs :)