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Great Things


We had some rather good news last week. Social gaming giant, Zynga acquired NaturalMotion Ltd which is our parent company. This is great news for our founders and our staff but it’s also great news for our players. It means that our future is assured and that we’ll have the resources to continue to make great games. In fact it should make us even better.

Zynga has seen a great deal of success with games on Facebook. They still do. But like all leading companies they aren’t letting the grass grow beneath them. Mobile gaming is still booming and looks set to continue growing at an exponential rate. Zynga has built up a huge knowledge base in social gaming, analytics and player behaviour. We’re excited to learn more and Zynga are keen to expand their presence on mobile. That’s where we come in. We’re proud to be part of such a bold movement.

Expect great things from this partnership in the future!

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